T & J Fall 2017

Pastor Tim Tidwell and Wife Julie

Born into a pastor’s home, Tim grew up with church and ministry as part of everyday life. He attended some public schools in AL, FL, & GA, but mainly Christian schools most of his life. He then went on to Bible college at Tenn. Temple Univ. & Emmanuel Bible College. He taught Bible for 3 years at high schools in GA & FL, & coached during this time as well.

He has been an entrepreneur & businessman. Tim was a financial counselor in the Atlanta area for 9 years. For the past 18 years, he ran a fund-raising business in NW FL & SW AL. With God’s help & much hard work, the business grew from nothing to become the area’s largest & most successful.

During these years of secular business, Tim has done the following in churches: 25 years adult Sun. School teacher, music/choir director, deacon, education director, youth director. He has also taught many classes on money management.

Feeling a desire to be in ministry, the timing was finally right for Tim to be ordained in May 2012. He sold their business in June. He helped launch his brother’s ministry Leave a Mark Now for a few months until God miraculously opened the door at Oakside Baptist. Tim and his wife, Julie, are excited about the ministry opportunities at Oakside. God brought them here, and He has been blessing already. We know the Lord has some great things in store for the days ahead.


Nathan Woltmann Director of Operations WOAK Radio.

My belief in the furtherance of the Gospel is to utilize the technology that God has provided in His creation. Radio is a perfect way to reach out with the Gospel to a lost and dying world and to edify the church. This method is still the best way to reach those in and around the world. Yes, video media can reach homes and almost anywhere there is cell phone tower coverage, but even the reach of those cannot reach all of the world. Radio also still has the appeal of having to listen in and not be distracted by any other visual cues that you would find on video media.
Christian radio is an excellent way for churches as well as local people who want to spread the Gospel. With a local station you can reach your community and give the community the ability to have good family and wholesome programming and music throughout the week. It can be that “spiritual food” to have in addition to Sunday and weeknights during the week.

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