Pastor Tim Tidwell

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  1. Hi Mr. Tidwell, My name is Susan Long, I am the daughter of Barbara Barnett, who was a member and teacher at Oakside for many years. My son is interested in asking you about the bus that sits in your church parking lot. He has been hoping to purchase a bus like that. My phone number: 706 457 1859
    Thank you so much for your response. Have a nice and safe day.

    • Dear Susan, I apologize that I am just replying to this message. I am the pastor’s wife who also checks our site periodically. I have sent this message onto my husband so he has your info if your son is still interested. We had to get new batteries to get it running and still have breaks that get stuck. Trying to get it in better shape before selling. He knows what we want for it. Thank you for your time. Julie T.

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