Oakside Baptist
Upcoming Life Classes – Free!
(Children’s Programs Provided)
Sundays: 6 pm to 7:30 August 4th
1921 Hamilton Rd. LaGrange, Ga
Money Management: Debt; Spending; Purchasing (Houses, Cars, Groceries, etc.); Wills/Trusts;
Investing; Retirement Planning; Real Estate
Marriage Relationships:
Communication; Finances; Disagreements; Children; In-laws; etc.
Child Rearing:
Love; Discipline; Authority; Eating;  Serving Others; Teens; Social Media 
Call 706-882-7728 to register


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Cultural Context: Ideas from the perspective of your local church context and community.
Local Ministry Leaders: Local leaders and volunteers can enjoy smaller group setting of no more than 30 people
Round Table Discussions: Covering two topics of Church Revitalization and Long-term Spiritual Health
Genuine Christian Friendships: Connect with other leaders and volunteers in your community for encouragement and prayer.
No Agendas just Leaders helping each other

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