Adult Classes

Golden Gleaners

Senior Adults

The Golden Gleaners class focuses on topics, themes, and Bible book studies to increase Bible knowledge and application to enhance the senior’s ability to minister to the upcoming generations.


Singles, Young Married

The Homebuilders class focuses on topics and issues related to faith building and Christian growth with special emphasis on building and developing strong marriages and families.



The Reformers Sunday School class focuses on Bible principles, doctrines, and themes designed to enhance a personal walk with God and maintain strong families.


High School

9th-12th Grades

The High School class has a weekly Bible lesson corresponding to their weekly Word of Life daily devotions for that week. Lessons deal with current issues in relation to Bible truth, character development, and practical Christian living.

Middle School

6th-8th Grades

The Middle School class has a weekly Bible lesson that correlates with the Word of Life curriculum and resources used on Wednesday night. Lessons focus on Bible Doctrines, major Bible themes, and Christian living.




4th-5th Grades

The Junior class studies Bible characters focusing on life applications using a mixture of flash cards and class discussion.


Ages 2-3 Years

The Toddler class is designed around Bible songs, a Bible lesson and activity, and play time.


1st-3rd Grades

The Primary class has weekly Bible lessons focusing on major Bible themes and principles of character and conduct.


Ages 0-2 Years

The Nursery is staffed beginning 20 minutes prior to each service for newborns to age 2.


Ages 4-5 Years

The Beginners class weekly Bible lesson focuses on major Bible themes and characters using flash cards and activity books.