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A Place To Worship

At Oakside all of our services are traditional and conservative. We seek to honor the Lord in our music, services, and fellowship. We hold the the Bible as written in the King James Version to be the perfect Word of God. We seek to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading in our services and do not rush the preaching of the Bible.

A Place to Grow

We strive to grow closer to God and to our fellow Christians through Bible studies, Sunday schools, fellowship activities, service activities, and worship services. We believe that as Christians we need to put emphasis on spiritual growth as well as developing Biblical relationships with other Christians.

A Place to Serve

A Christian who does not serve is an incomplete Christian. At Oakside Baptist Church we offer many areas of service for the LaGrange, GA area. From Sunday schools to Master Clubs, you can find a place to serve. We also have weekly, door-to-door, church-wide evangelism times to spread the Word of God to a lost and dying world.